Orientation- They tell you what they want

I have conducted hundreds of interviews from my time as a law enforcement officer, narcotics detective and now as a private investigator for insurance companies and corporations. A key read I use is observation of a subject’s orientation. Orientation describes where a subject’s posture or other non verbal cues focus on, which is typically what they want most. It is most commonly the feet that will align with what they want (for example an exit if they are uncomfortable in the interview) but it can show up almost anywhere- the eyes, torso and an often overlooked indicator is micro gestures (small, quick movements of the hands, fingers, head and feet).


In sales, this can be a helpful tool. Present options to your customer/client and let them orient to what it is they are most intrigued by. Of course, many times they will tell you, but having spent some time in sales I know customers will often attempt to be coy and act disinterested in order to gain leverage in negotiations. Paying attention to someone’s orientation can give you valuable insight into their thinking.



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