“Having already taken an interest in the subject, I recently attended a seminar on detecting deception presented by Ryan Mann. The depth of his knowledge and background on the subject is extremely impressive.

I believe his work on practical applications outside of the law enforcement area are ahead of the curve.

Obviously, in the proper context, deception detection can valuable tool for interviewing potential employees.
However, it’s apparent to me his work has potential in other areas which he is now developing.

I am confident in my opinion he is the best person in this discipline in central Florida, if he is not already among the best nationally.”

-Eric Gill, Attorney

“Ryan Mann is an experienced former law enforcement officer who is committed to the highest possible standards of the private investigator industry. In addition, he is dedicated to continuing education, providing quality of services and respect to his clients.”

– Mike Roche Security Consultant and Author of Face 2 Face.

“Your articles are very good, interesting and professional:) Thank you! I recommend to all who wants to gain knowledge of the use of words and body language read you blog! Your long-term practical experience gives a valuable knowledge to share!”

-ülli kukumägi, CEO

“As a Human Resource director I have found Ryan’s course very useful. The ability to see the truth has helped me select job candidates with a much higher degree of confidence.”

-Jaime G. Human Resource Director

“95% of any business challenge is finding and retaining quality people. Ryan’s course provided our team with numerous tools to meet those challenges in Management, Human Resources, and Sales. I highly recommend his training to any company desiring a stronger team.”

-Clark Gey, President Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers

“Great Stuff…. Ryan this is absolutely neat stuff being an interrogator for years myself, I find all of this very intriguing.”

-Joshua McAfee , McAfee Institute Fraud Leaders


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